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date: May 26, 2015
updated: May 25, 2015
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Iranian women pressured to stay at home
September 19, 2013

ShahrzadNews:A bill being debated in Iran’s Majles (parliament) is causing controversy, limiting as it does employment opportunities for single girls and childless married women. Many see it is as yet one more state ploy to keep women in the home.

Ultra-conservative female MP Fateme Aliya, who is one of those urging the bill’s ratification, has already supported other laws that restrict women’s participation in Iranian social life. In the other camp sociologist and university lecturer Elahe Koulayi condemns the bill as another government attempt to confine Iranian women to their homes. She told the ISNA news agency: “The bill does nothing to help educated women find employment. It suggests that women have nothing better to do than wander the streets. Civil institutes, trade unions, and academic centres have an obligation to contribute to the debate on this bill, to ensure that it reflects the real needs of our society, and that it doesn’t treat women only as housewives and mothers, which belittles them.”
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Iranian women pressured to stay at home
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