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date: May 28, 2015
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Students object to gender quota in Iranian universities
September 19, 2013

ShahrzadNews:Students are protesting once again, objecting to two new developments in Iranian universities, the rustication of students for anti-establishment activities, and gender-based selection for certain courses.

According to Bahar news, over seventy Allameh Tabatabaei University students who had been thrown out of their faculties or suspended from their departments gathered outside the dean’s office and demanded that he allow them to return to their courses. They also asked the board of governors to reconsider their cases, and only dispersed when deputy chancellor Reza Morad Sahrayi personally acknowledged receipt of their demands.

Meanwhile – according to the Ghannon Khanvadeh Barabar website – a group of women’s rights activists and student activists filed an official complaint with the Iranian Supreme Court of Justice. They were objecting to a new plan which regards women as ‘unfit’ for certain courses, and prohibits some of the major universities from enrolling them. The protestors made three demands to the Science Ministry and the Department of Higher Educational Assessment, namely the withdrawal of the scheme, the restoration of rights to students affected by it, and a ban on similar schemes in the future.


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